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Game News
Welcome Reni players:

The purpose of this site is to create a meeting place where guilds and their members can schedule events together without guilds losing members to other guilds.

If you are on this site the you were invited to Co-lead this alliance.

The goals of this alliance are simple but will expand as leadership see the need.

The leadership will start with the few guild leaders invited.  After the creation of the first council other following guild leaders will need to be approved by the council to join.

Goal :
To set standards and expectations for group runs. Eliminating the PUG running anxieties, disappointments and whatnot.

To create a single point where people can meet other people to run instances they are geared and ready for without having to guild hop.

To report and resolve conflicts/disputes between guilds and members.

To have a place where trusted players can buy/sell/trade - backed by their guild who will take responsibility if someone they approve of tries to scam another alliance member.

To create a black list of Reni players that have proven themselves to be distrustful, disruptive or too Leroy Jenkinish to run with.  

Goal is to have the First Council together by November 3rd.  At which time guilds will be requested to have their members either join this site or ally their site to this one so specific forums and calendars can be shared.

"Be at peace, have fun and enjoy the game with a few friends" - Beergut
Guild News

Alliance forming

Crazzi, Sep 30, 10 4:36 PM.
The Syndicate has approved the creation of a Reni Syndicate alliance.
GM Approver - OmegaPrime
Authorized - 9/30/2010
Approval verification code - 7RENI_0911098001
Subject to approval and dismissal in accordance with bylaws of section 121.3432 'Syndicate Rules and Regulations'

The Syndicate® 

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Crazzi, Sep 30, 10 3:51 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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